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“Susan has worked with many of the World’s fortune 100 companies – impacting ‘boardroom to floorroom’ performance on some of today’s most recognizable brands. Susan is one of the most energetic and engaging facilitators / instructors that I have ever worked with. Her ability to energize a class ensures a powerful learning experience for everyone involved. Susan also has an amazing capacity to meet the personal needs of individual learners without compromising the learning &/or business objectives of the program she is instructing. Susan’s facilitation talents are so developed that she is frequently sought to observe and develop other facilitators.”

–STEVE BEGGS, Manager, Learning Solutions, Sales Performance Group

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“Highly engaging and motivating. Sue practices what she preaches. This is my third time going through a workshop like this and this is by far the best delivery. Very applicable to help improve relationships.”


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    We consider Sue a team member. There is a reason that we continue to build our relationship and give her more projects – she is THAT good. We can trust that she will deliver nothing less than a quality product – from design, development, and through to creative and engaging presentations. And, she has a natural way of developing relationships with her clients and participants. An added benefit is that I learn so much through partnering with her and improve my own effectiveness as a result of our partnership.
    Johnson & Johnson
  • Diana Kebas
    I want to thank Susan Armstrong for the training for trainers in Moscow. Although I was already an experienced facilitator at that time, I was able to see new facets, expand the range of methods of working with groups and enjoy the work of the master. Susan's style can be described as inspirational. She easily shares her experience, supports disclosure of participants and creates an atmosphere of trust and curiosity. Susan's life and professional experience allowed me to open new meanings and reach a new level in my profession.
    Diana Kebas