Susan Armstrong is an International Talent Development Expert and Professional Speaker.

Creating Transformational Learning Experiences.

Susan Armstrong is an International Speaker, best-selling author and Award-winning Talent Development specialist helping global organizations to improve the way they do business. For over 20 years Susan has travelled around the world speaking in over 40 countries on 6 continents motivating audiences to find increased satisfaction in both their personal and professional lives.

Susan has designed and led workshops in all manner of soft-skills training including Sales, Account Management, The Art of Influence, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Team-Building and a variety of Management and Leadership programs. She has designed and facilitated programs for global companies, both in public and private sectors.

Susan is the author of “An Invisible Prison” and the best-selling “Escape Your Invisible Prison” and works with individuals to encourage them to identify and release faulty thinking, develop confidence in themselves, take charge of their lives and escape the invisible prison of their own making.

Susan’s passion for helping others has resulted in her becoming an accomplished speaker, facilitator, and instructional designer. Some of her Clients include American Management Association, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AB InBev, McKesson Medical-Surgical, Reckitt-Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, IBM, Bell Canada, RBC Bank, CIBC, Islamic Development Bank, MOL Group, Institute of Public Administration (Saudi Arabia & Kazakhstan), and Ernst & Young, to name a few.

Whether Susan is speaking for an audience of 15 people or a conference of 1500, she is able to captivate and motivate the audience with her unique and entertaining style.

Susan Armstrong has been honored by CAMH as an “Extraordinary Person”, as well, she appears on many television and radio shows including Discovery Channel’s Health on the Line, Life Television, CHTV Morning Live, Rogers Television’s Woman to Woman, One-on-One and hosted a season of her own radio talk show Second Chances. Susan also writes for Global Health and Wellness Magazines.

Susan was also awarded the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) Gold Award for Excellence in Training (2007, 2009) in the Vendor Category, and the HR.com Gold Award for Leadership Programs (2017). Susan designed the globally acclaimed LEADS program that has been named as one of the top five global Leadership Programs.

“Sue has a tremendous gift in the development of people; whether it be through communication skills training or sales and marketing training. She also has a way of interacting with people that is remarkable. She is at once alluring, focused, funny, kind, and commanding. In a word - riveting.
When she takes the ‘stage’, everyone pays attention. Not only that, but they actually learn something too! Sue is the best at what she does. Hands down. The participants highly respect Sue. They think she is funny and extremely knowledgeable. She knows how to read each new audience and adjust her pace, tone, body language accordingly. Sue always gets the highest marks as well as the highest compliments.”

—Britta Gibbon, Sales Development Manager,McKesson Medical-Surgical

“Your energy, style, and clear understanding of the material and objectives, always makes for valuable & fun learning. I embraced this opportunity to once again work at improving and sharpening my skills. This last year has been my biggest challenge to date with respect to my leadership skills. Along with the test of my ability has come some great development. My district is in a much better position for success today, and a great deal of my process and leadership style has come through my training with you. Thank you!”

—Randy Kearny, District Manager, Labatt (AB InBev)

FEBRUARY 22-23, 2019

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