Inspiring. Energizing. Knowledgeable.

Whether it’s an Inspirational/Motivational Keynote, or something more business-oriented such as Leadership, Communication, Sales, Influence or Presentation Skills, Susan Armstrong inspires people through the power of action.

Susan has a varied business and personal background. She creates custom presentations for each audience.

“Energy, passion, enthusiasm, story-telling, connections with participants, respectful dialogue, creative and interactive exercises, playfulness, transparency/honesty, giving of self.”

—KRISTEN BARON, Manager, Johnson & Johnson

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Susan's Audiences

“Excellent, very inspirational”
“Huge impact on me today. Helped me understand my family, my coworkers, and myself. Done with laughter but the point was made.”
“Excellent speaker. Speaks from the heart.”
“Amazing, would love to hear her again.”
“Vibrant and informative. Easy to listen to.”
“Educational, inspiring, and most of all entertaining.”
“She is by far one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve had the opportunity to hear. There is so much to take away from her talk. Powerful & inspiring. Amazing presenter!””

Susan's Clients

“As owner of a Speakers Bureau, I’ve heard many speakers over the years. Still, Sue Armstrong stands out with a riveting story, a powerful delivery and an exceptional ability to reach her audiences and touch their hearts. She’s a truly inspiring speaker with a message that no one will ever forget.”
—CATHLEEN FILLMORE, Speakers Gold, Toronto

“Susan’s energy, together with her knowledge and expertise has proven to be a winning combination for our client’s learning and development needs. We would not hesitate to recommend her as a very qualified speaker, who always strives to meet and exceed your expectations.”
—LEANNE ANDERSON, National Account Director, CMC, Canada

“I highly recommend Susan Armstrong for your next event. You are missing out if you don’t!”
—KRISTEN BARON, Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Johnson & Johnson, US

“Susan Armstrong developed and facilitated our training program. She has a tremendous gift in the development of people; whether it be through sales training or one-on-one coaching. She also has a way of interacting with people that is remarkable. She is at once alluring, focused, funny, kind, and commanding. In a word – riveting. When she takes the ‘stage’ everyone pays attention. Not only that, but they actually learn something too! Sue is the best at what she does. Hands down. When it comes to training suppliers, Sue always gets the highest marks as well as the highest compliments.”
—BRITTA GIBBON, Training Manager, McKesson, Richmond, VA

“I really appreciate the work you do with our clients…you’re amazing!”
“Susan’s expertise in sales, leadership, communications, and the speaking industry have impressed and exceeded client and participant expectations alike. Susan has a tremendous energy that she harnesses to inspire learners to adopt new skills and change behaviors. She is passionate about her work and brings the highest standards to any project she works on.”
—GISELLE KOVARY, Managing Partner, n-Gen Performance Inc.

“Susan has worked with many of North America’s fortune 100 companies – impacting ‘boardroom to floor-room’ performance on some of today’s most recognizable brands. Susan is one of the most energetic and engaging speakers / instructors that I have ever worked with. Her ability to energize a class ensures a powerful learning experience for everyone involved. Susan also has an amazing capacity to meet the personal needs of individual learners without compromising the learning and/or business objectives of the program she is instructing. Susan’s facilitation talents are so developed that she is frequently sought to observe and develop other speakers and facilitators.”
—STEVE BEGGS, Manager, Learning Solutions, Sales Performance Group

“Susan, you are wonderful. Your presentation at the BLC in the fall was wonderful. I have the most sincere appreciation of a job so extraordinarily well-done and a gift (you) so very well received…”
—STACEY LePAGE, BLC, Barrie, Ontario

“This session proved to be very instructive and enjoyable thanks to Susan Armstrong who is a wonderful speaker and trainer. We really do think this was worthwhile and would encourage everyone to participate in this session should they have the opportunity to do so.”
—M.W., GSK, Belgium

FEBRUARY 22-23, 2019

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